The rise of craft breweries in Denver has been monumental, but beer is not the only craft beverage on the rise. Over the past few years, more and more distilleries are popping up around the greater Denver area. As more of these local distilleries gain traction, local communities are reaping the rewards of a booming Denver distillery industry.

Why visit a distillery over a liquor store?

You might be thinking, why bother with a distillery when I could just go to a liquor store? Well, the perks of supporting a local Denver distillery are endless. Not only will you get better quality liquor and spirits at a more affordable price, but you are supporting local business development as well.

Perks of local distilleries

1.) A new and fun experienceA main perk of visiting a local distillery is the experience that is associated with it. Just like a brewery, distilleries give tours and informational sessions on the distilling process, along with tasting flights and events. Visiting a local distillery is not only a great place to treat yourself, but also the perfect setting to get together with friends, hold a happy hour, take a date and even celebrate more important occasions such as birthdays or engagement parties. Distilleries typically have a laid back environment with knowledgeable staff to provide excellent customer service and answer any questions you may have about the distilling process or spirits in general!

2.) Reward your taste buds
The biggest perk of local distilleries is the variation in their spirits’ tastes and styles. While you may think all gin or whiskey tastes the same, you would be mistaken. When you visit a local distillery you open your senses up to different infusions and flavor profiles you would never be able to try or buy in a liquor store. Every distillery takes pride in the way they create and infuse their liquors. Supporting your community’s local distilleries allows you to taste and take home your favorite liquors and spirits at a fraction of the cost. Liquor stores tack on an additional upsell price, while buying a bottle from your favorite distillery saves you money and ensures you will actually enjoy what you are purchasing.

3.) Support local business
Very similarly to the brewery culture in Denver, the distillery and spirit industry is making great strides. The craft brew industry launched Denver as a major brewing city, comparable to St. Louis or Milwaukee, and the distillery industry is on the same path. Local distilleries help the economic growth and development of their communities. The distillery business not only stimulates the local economy but also creates jobs for community residents. While you might think the only jobs distilleries create are service industry jobs, there are more options than becoming a server or bartender. Some of the most common job opportunities local distilleries create are:

  • Vehicle operators and delivery positions
  • Sales representatives
  • Wholesale and manufacturing occupations
  • Economic developers
  • Construction and/or materials movers
  • Retail and marketing
  • Equipment installations, maintenance and repair jobs

The Denver distillery culture is not something you want to pass on. When you visit a local Denver distillery, such as Deviation Distilling, you can rest easy knowing the drink you order is helping your local economy, as if any of us need another reason to enjoy a few drinks with friends.

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