The Perfect Weekend for Gin Lovers in Denver

The perfect weekend for gin lovers should start and end with a Denver distillery tour. Instead of going the traditional route of breweries, try something new with a weekend full of Denver distillery tours. Distilleries offer all the same benefits you get with a brewery tour except you get to drink expertly crafted cocktails and infusions instead of your one hundredth IPA.

Visiting the following Denver distilleries is sure to be a paradise for any gin lover.

First, start your weekend off trying one of the many cocktails at Rising Sun Distillery. This distillery has a quaint atmosphere and also serves food. This is the perfect place to get some food in your stomach and continue the tour on to the main event.

The second stop on your list should be Deviation Distilling. This distillery specializes in gin, which puts them above the rest on our Denver gin lovers tour. If you want to take an actual distillery tour, you should plan to do one here. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and the distillery offers some interesting infusions.

One of the benefits of partaking in a distillery tour is you are able to hear and learn about a distillery’s unique way of crafting their spirits. While the general process does not change from distillery to distillery, the flavor profiles and infusions can vary drastically between establishments. Each distillery prides itself on having quality and well-rounded spirits that provide the customer with a unique tasting experience.  Some gin flavors special to Deviation Distilling are: grapefruit and tarragon, rosemary and white sage, and thai basil and peppercorn.

In addition to learning the ins and outs of the distilling process specific to Deviation, you will also get a history of the distillery. You will be able to ask questions and learn about new creations. If that was not enough to sway your mind, you will also get to sample some spirits as part of the tour. And who doesn’t love free samples?

From Deviation Distilling, move on to Archetype Distillery. This distillery is not far from Deviation and has an interesting vibe. It is influenced by industrial architecture and offer an intriguing drink menu. If you are looking for something a little different, for instance a smoking cocktail, then this is your place.

After Archetype Distillery, make your way over to Denver Distillery for some snacks and free distillery tour. If you are still in the mood to learn about alternate distilling processes take your second distillery tour here. Since it is a free tour you might not be guaranteed the free samples but you will still receive all the know-how.

The last thing you need to remember in order to make this your perfect gin weekend in Denver, is souvenirs! While purchasing hats and T-shirts from each distillery is perfectly fine, the best part about distilleries are their 21 and over souvenir options. Instead of trying to find your favorite gin in a liquor store, get it right at the distillery. Many Denver distilleries bottle and sell their products for a lower price than at that liquor stores. Support your favorite local Denver distillery by purchasing a bottle of your favorite gin on-site and for a fraction of the cost. Talk about a perfect end to a perfect weekend!

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