Your Guide to Distillery Crawls in Denver

Denver, Colorado has a long and storied history when it comes to booze. They were against it and then for it again, long before the prohibition era ended in the early 1900s. What has developed from the state’s progressive attitudes toward liquor are some of the most talented and creative distilleries creating products today. The “distillery crawl” fun is also common in the Mile High City and here are just a few places where you can find that fun at whiskey distilleries in Denver. 

Denver Whiskey and Jazz 

Downtown Denver used to be a haven for speakeasies and brothels during the roaring 20s. This specific tour reimagines that time paring jazz with distilled spirits for a distillery crawl to remember. The tour includes stops at hand-picked music venues, a tour of a whiskey distillery in Denver, spirit tastings, history and a whole lot of fun. 

Epic Denver Spirits Tour

The Epic Denver Spirits Tour leaves every Saturday and includes more than three hours of fun for participants. The tour includes tastings at a couple of hand-picked distilleries, rides on a comfortable party bus, professional tastings, and an opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes at one of the Mile High city’s many whiskey distilleries. This epic tour is a great way to get acquainted with one of the city’s most exciting industries.

Denver History and Whiskey Tour

On this tour, you’ll start with a guided walking tour of key points in the city before indulging in delicious whiskey and spirits. Highlights of the tour include the city’s oldest bar, oldest hotel and a tour through one of the city’s largest distilleries. There are plenty of tastings and samples provides along the way to keep your whistle wet and your interest peaked.  

Colorado Spirits Trail

The Colorado Spirits Trail will take you beyond the boundaries of Denver and deep into the Colorado mountains, valleys and plains to sample some of the best whiskeys and spirits the state has to offer. The trail, best done over several days, offers 62 locations where trail goers can stop to sample the wares. There’s a map available to keep track of your stops, and shirts and other giveaways to mark progress along the trail. 

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