Why Colorado is Producing the Best Gin

The state of Colorado has a long and storied history when it comes to booze. After reluctantly joining the prohibition movement in the early 1900s, and realizing the folly of its ways only a few years later leading to overturning the law. These laws which made criminals out of ordinary people were too restrictive and did little good. So, Colorado gin makers have had many, many years of practice and have become so skilled at their craft, that they are currently producing some of the best gin in the world.

The original home of craft beer

Colorado has always had an explorative and entrepreneurial spirit especially when it comes to alcohol. The state was the original home of the craft beer movement which dates back to the late 1800s, and which experienced a resurgence when the first craft brewery opened in the state in the 1970s. This attitude of ingenuity and commitment to trying things in a different way has led to a successful generation of brewers and distillers.

Early progressive attitudes

Those early years of progressive attitudes toward alcohol have helped pave the way for distillers across the state. They’ve had more time to figure out what works best and what doesn’t work at all. Colorado gin makers have a keen sense of what new and special ingredients work best in this traditional type of alcohol.

Blending history with modern-day

During prohibition, underground speakeasies became the only place where you could indulge in a drink. These days, the speakeasy atmosphere is back by popular demand but for different reasons. The retro-style bar is a favorite among adults throughout Colorado and offers a great date night atmosphere or prelude to a memorable night on the town.

The continued growth of the cocktail experience

These days, people are enjoying not only their cocktails when they belly up to the bar, but the cocktail experience. Bartending in many popular nightspots has become, in part, dinner theatre and mixing up inventive cocktails is the trademark of any well-seasoned barkeep. Gin has always been a critical ingredient in mixology and Colorado gin makers are answering the call by creating inventive blends that customers love.

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