Deviation Distilling

Cocktail Lounge

Gin Tonics

Citrus Rosé | Mountain Herb | Spice Trade

Light, refreshing and approachable. Our gins are paired with a premium tonic based on their properties and flavors. Garnishes are chosen to build on those flavors.

Signature Cocktails

Apple Gin Mule
Spice Trade Gin, Honeycrisp Apple Purée with Autumn
Spices, Brown Sugar Syrup, and Ginger Beer
Pear Thyme
Citrus Rosé Gin, Homemade Pear Purée, Brown Sugar Syrup,

Lemon, & Hints of Cinnamon & Thyme

Southside of Bangkok
Spice Trade Gin, Fresh Cucumber, Thai Chili Syrup, Fresh

Squeezed lime Juice, and Mint
Pumpkin Spiced Russian
Spice Trade Gin, Homemade Pumpkin Purée, Caramelized
Sugar Syrup, Cinnamon, Cold Brew Coffee, & Cream
Twig & Berries
Citrus Rosé Gin, Mountain Herb Gin, Fresh Cranberry Purée,

Tangerine Cinnamon, Ginger, and Simple Syrup
 Cucumber Basil
Mountain Herb Gin, Muddled Cucumbers & Fresh

Italian Basil, Fresh Squeezed Lemon, & Simple
 Spicey Dragon
Mountain Herb Gin, Fresh Dill & Cucumber, House Made

Tomato Shrub, & Tabasco
 Bees Nutz
Mountain Herb Gin, House Made Orange & Honey

Marmalade, Lemon, with Hints of Sage & Almond
Blackberry Delight
Mountain Herb Gin, Muddled Blackberries, Mint, Lemon,

and Fresh Blackberries
Dark Knight
Citrus Rosé Gin, Pomegranate Juice, Lime Juice,

Simple, Thyme & Ginger

Barrel-Aged Cocktails

Colorado Campfire
Spice Trade Gin, Maple Syrup, Homemade Chocolate Bitters in a Smoked Glass with Toasted Marshmallows

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